Easy and Portable energy source: Juice Box


Vidoe: [http://vimeo.com/78870984]

Easy charging
A handheld dynamo converts any type of mechanical energy into a battery charge. Hook a belt drive to a windmill or microdam, loop that belt around the dynamo’s treads, and produce current with every turn.

From India to Western Africa, natural power resources can be as diverse as monsoon rains or windy coasts. Man-made sources vary too, from charging stations to car batteries. To handle all these, the input panel offers a range of connections.

Modular design
Artefact learned of a Laotian villager who rented out lanterns as a side business. That inspired a detachable battery- pack system that can be leased out. The device thus becomes the basis for a livelihood.

Simple to use
The designers strove to make the device intuitive enough to be operated without written instructions. Inputs and outputs are placed on separate sides of its body, nodes are color-coded for safety, and there’s a simple, iconographic LCD interface.


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